72 New Antigen Peptides & PepMixes™ available!

Antigen Peptides and PepMixes™ Peptide Pools for antigen-specific stimulation of T cells are among our most popular ImmunoTools. Antigen peptides represent individual immunodominant epitopes, whereas our PepMixes™ reproduce a whole protein antigen by a mixture of overlapping peptides.

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Infectious Disease Antigens, e.g. from HPV, HIV, CMV, Influenza
Tumor Associated Antigens, e.g. MAGED4, gp100, Mucin, p53
Further Antigens, e.g. Ovalbumin, Insulin


  • Produced in Germany regulated by ISO 9001:2015
  • Synthesis protocols avoid toxic contaminants and immunogenic side products
  • Freeze dried aliquots for enhanced stability

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