MHC I & II Multimers

T cells recognize specific MHC-peptide complex displayed on the surface of antigen-presenting cells. This specific interaction is used by MHC multimers carrying MHC-peptide complexes to detect and isolate antigen-specific T cell. Fluorescent-labeled MHC multimers are used to detect, quantify and isolate antigen-specific T cells in fluid samples (e.g. blood, cultured cell lines, CSF, lymph, synovial fluid) by flow cytometry, and for in situ detection (e.g. in solid tumors) by immunohistochemistry (IHC).
Find the related Antigen Peptide for each MHC Multimer or order your antigen by custom peptide synthesis!

MHC Dextramers®
  • Stabilizing dextran polymer backbone
  • Fluorochrome molecules
  • More MHC-peptide complexes than conventional MHC multimers (such as tetramers)
  • Stronger staining intensity
  • Increased resolution and signal-to-noise ratio
MHC Dextramers detect the presence of antigen-specific T cells whereas interferon-gamma-releasing assays such as ELISpot detect the functionality of the antigen-specific T cells. Thus, a combination of the MHC Dextramer assay and an interferon-gamma-releasing assay, using PepMix™ Peptide Pools as specific stimulating antigens, is an effective tool for reliable and robust immune monitoring!
Individual MHC I Dextramers®
More than 400 different MHC I Dextramers® are available!
Selection of available Alleles:

Human alleles Mouse alleles Monkey alleles
HLA-A*0101 HLA-B*0702 H-2 Db


HLA-A*0201 HLA-B*0801 H-2 Dd


HLA-A*0301 HLA-B*2705 H-2 Dk


HLA-A*1101 HLA-B*3501 H-2 Kb


HLA-A*2301 HLA-B*4201 H-2 Kd  
HLA-A*2402 HLA-B*4403 H-2 Kk  
HLA-A*2902 HLA-B*5101

H-2 Ld

HLA-A*6801 HLA-B*5701    
Individual MHC II Dextramers®
Fluorescent MHC II multimers available with three different fluorochromes and many alleles, e.g.
MHC I Dextramer® Collections
MHC I Multimer Collections are carefully selected sets of multimers (Dextramers®) for staining and isolation of antigen-specific CD8+ T cells. They are available for a variety of viruses and tumors with different fluorochromes (APC, PE, FITC), e.g.

  • CMV
  • EBV
  • Melanoma
  • Cancer-testis antigens
  • Virus antigens
Custom MHC Mutlimers
Fast delivery of custom MHC Dextramers® upon request.

Applications for MHC I & II Multimers

  • Detection, enumeration and isolation of antigen-specific T cells in fluid cell samples (PBMC, blood) by flow cytometry
  • In vitro staining of tissue sections to visualize antigen-specific T cells
  • Vaccine and immunotherapeutic development
  • Clinical trials
  • Immune monitoring of e.g. transplant patients and HIV/AIDS patients

Benefits of MHC I & II Multimers

  • More sensitive than conventional MHC multimers (important for low-affinity interactions commonly encountered in cancer & autoimmune disease)
  • Very stable
  • Order the related Antigen Peptide together with your MHC Dextramer
  • Customized Dextramers® available upon request

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