Epitope-Resolved Seromarker Profiling

JPT is the leading provider of high-quality peptide microarrays and ISO certified partner for seromarker and antigen profiling, immune monitoring, biomarker discovery and epitope mapping.
To complete our seromarker discovery workflow we created a complementary platform enabling cost efficient humoral immune response profiling with large numbers of samples. Multiwell Peptide Microarrays display up to 188 peptides in triplicates per well related to your chosen protein and are incubated with up to 20 samples (e.g. serum, whole blood, synovial fluids, antibodies etc.) in parallel.
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You provide:

  • Antigen sequence (up to 760 aa length – max. 188 peptides)
  • Up to 20 biological samples (e.g. serum, blood, synovial fluid, antibodies)

JPT performs:

  • Peptide design and synthesis
  • Microarray printing and incubation

We deliver:

  • Description of experiments
  • Data analysis
  • Detailed report with results and discussion


Assay format: Multiwell Peptide Microarray

Assay principle: Selected peptides tested against a large number of samples

Advantages: Low cost per sample, high sample throughput

Applications:  Seromarker discovery, antibody epitope mapping, immune monitoring, protein-protein interaction profiling, biomarker screening

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