Salmonella SL7207 Application is the Most Effective DNA Vaccine Delivery Method for Successful Tumor Eradication in a Murine Model for Neuroblastoma

Berger et al., Cancer Letters (2013) - PMID: 23337288

Product(s) used in this publication:  Specialty Peptides


Attenuated Salmonella is an approved oral life vaccine that is currently entering pre-clinical cancer vaccination studies as a promising DNA carrier. In a syngeneic mouse model for neuroblastoma, oral gavage of Salmonella typhimurium (SL7207) carrying recent generated survivin DNA vaccines induced a stronger cellular anti-NB immune response than gene gun application or injection of lentivirally transduced bone marrow-derived DCs. The level of Salmonella-associated side effects was not significant as indicated by unaffected survivin-mediated hematopoiesis and wound healing. We believe that our findings provide an important baseline to translate Salmonella-based DNA vaccination into a clinical application for neuroblastoma.

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