Protective Efficacy of Multiple Vaccine Platforms Against Zika Virus Challenge in Rhesus Monkeys

Abbink et al., Science (2016) - PMID: 27492477

Product(s) used in this publication: PepMix™ Peptide Pools


Zikavirus (ZIKV) is responsible for a major ongoing epidemic in the Americas and has been causally associated with fetal microcephaly. The development of a safe and effective ZIKV vaccine is therefore an urgent global health priority. Here we demonstrate that three different vaccineplatforms protect against ZIKV challenge in rhesusmonkeys. A purified inactivated virusvaccine induced ZIKV-specific neutralizing antibodies and completely protected monkeysagainst ZIKV strains from both Brazil and Puerto Rico. Purified immunoglobulin from vaccinated monkeys also conferred passive protection in adoptive transfer studies. A plasmid DNA vaccine and a single-shot recombinant rhesus adenovirus serotype 52 vector vaccine, both expressing ZIKV premembrane and envelope, also elicited neutralizing antibodies and completely protected monkeysagainst ZIKV challenge. These data support the rapid clinical development of ZIKV vaccines for humans.

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