Peptide Arrays for Enzyme Profiling

Thiele et al., Methods Mol. Biol. (2009) - PMID: 19649588

Product(s) used in this publication:  Single Kinase Substrate Peptides


Enzymes are key molecules in signal transduction pathways. However, only a small fraction of more than 500 predicted human kinases, 250 proteases and 250 phosphatases is characterized so far. Peptide microarray-based technologies for extremely efficient profiling of enzyme substrate specificity emerged in the last years. Additionally, patterns of enzymatic activities could be used to fingerprint the status of cells or organisms. This technology reduces set-up time for HTS assays and allows the identification of downstream targets. Moreover, peptide microarrays enable optimization of enzyme substrates. A comprehensive overview regarding enzyme profiling using peptide microarrays is presented with special focus on assay principles.

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