LC-HRMS/MS For The Simultaneous Determination of Four Allergens in Fish and Swine Food Products

Roberto Stella et al., Food Chemistry (2020) - PMID: 32540696

Product(s) used in this publication:  Reference Peptides for Targeted Proteomics - SpikeTides™ & SpikeMix™


The inclusion on the label of packed foods of any ingredient or technological adjuvant causing allergies is required by EU food legislation. In this study a targeted proteomics method for detecting four allergens in animal-derived food matrices was developed. Liquid chromatography coupled with high-resolution tandem mass spectrometry (LC-HRMS/MS) was used to select marker peptides from four allergens and develop a quantitative method able to simultaneously detect the presence of milk, egg, crustaceans and soy. The method was validated on fish or swine processed food products contaminated at 5 μg g-1 for milk and egg and 10 μg g-1 for soy and crustaceans. The method was tested by analyzing commercial food products with high protein content and was compared to the ELISA technique. Our results indicated the presence of soy not reported on the food label of some products, pointing out the need for efficient controls to protect allergic consumers.

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