Induction of Tissue- and Stressor-Specific Kinomic Responses in Chickens Exposed to Hot and Cold Stresses

Napper et al., Poultry Science (2015) - PMID: 25838314

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Defining cellular responses at the level of global cellular kinase (kinome) activity is a powerful approach to deciphering complex biology and identifying biomarkers. Here we report on the development of a chicken-specific peptide array and its application to characterizing kinome responses within the breast (pectoralis major) and thigh (iliotibialis) muscles of poultry subject to temperature stress to mimic conditions experienced by birds during commercial transport. Breast and thigh muscles exhibited unique kinome profiles, highlighting the distinct nature of these tissues. Against these distinct backgrounds, tissue- and temperature-specific kinome responses were observed. In breast, both cold and hot stresses activated calcium-dependent metabolic adaptations. Also within breast, but specific to cold stress, was the activation of ErbB signaling as well as dynamic patterns of phosphorylation of AMPK, a key regulatory enzyme of metabolism. In thigh, cold stress induced responses suggestive of the occurrence of tissue damage, including activation of innate immune signaling pathways and tissue repair pathways (TGF-β). In contrast, heat stress in thigh activated pathways associated with protein and fat metabolism through adipocytokine and mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) signaling. Defining the responses of these tissues to these stresses through conventional markers of pH, glycolytic potential, and meat quality offered a similar conclusion of the tissue- and stressor-specific responses, validating the kinome results. Collectively, the results of this study highlight the unique cellular responses of breast and thigh tissues to heat and cold stresses and may offer insight into the unique susceptibilities, as well as functional consequences, of these tissues to thermal stress.

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chickens; kinome; peptide array; thermal stress

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