CHESS: a New Human Gene Catalog Curated from Thousands of Large-Scale RNA Sequencing Experiments Reveals Extensive Transcriptional Noise

Mihaela Pertea et al., Genome Biology (2018) - PMID: 30486838

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We assembled the sequences from deep RNA sequencing experiments by the Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) project, to create a new catalog of human genes and transcripts, called CHESS. The new database contains 42,611 genes, of which 20,352 are potentially protein-coding and 22,259 are noncoding, and a total of 323,258 transcripts. These include 224 novel protein-coding genes and 116,156 novel transcripts. We detected over 30 million additional transcripts at more than 650,000 genomic loci, nearly all of which are likely nonfunctional, revealing a heretofore unappreciated amount of transcriptional noise in human cells. The CHESS database is available at .

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