Array-In-Well Epitope Mapping of Phage-Displayed Antibodies

Lamminmäki et al., Epitope Mapping Protocols (2018) - PMID: 29714016

Product(s) used in this publication:  BioTides™ Biotinylated Peptides


Novel affinity reagents, such as single chain (scFv) antibody fragments, can be generated by isolating them from recombinant protein libraries using phage display selection. A successful selection process against a target protein can produce a number of binder candidates among which the desired binders are identified by screening and characterization of individual clones. Obtaining information on the binding properties, such as the binding epitope, already during the screening step helps to choose the most useful candidates for further development at early phase saving time and resources. To this end, we describe here an Array-in-Well-based screening procedure to perform activity testing and epitope mapping for filamentous phage-displayed scFvs in an integrated manner with a single assay.

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