Adenovirus Vector-Based Vaccines Confer Maternal-Fetal Protection against Zika Virus Challenge in Pregnant IFN-αβR−/− Mice

Rafael A.Larocca, Clinical and Translational Report (2019) - PMID: 31668877

Product(s) used in this publication: PepMix™ Peptide Pools


Maternal infection with Zika virus (ZIKV) can lead to microcephaly and other congenital abnormalities of the fetus. Although ZIKV vaccines that prevent or reduce viremia in non-pregnant mice have been described, a maternal vaccine that provides complete fetal protection would be desirable. Here, we show that adenovirus (Ad) vector-based ZIKV vaccines induce potent neutralizing antibodies that confer robust maternal and fetal protection against ZIKV challenge in pregnant, highly susceptible IFN-αβR-/- mice. Moreover, passive transfer of maternal antibodies from vaccinated dams protected pups against post-natal ZIKV challenge. These data suggest that Ad-based ZIKV vaccines may be able to provide protection in pregnant females against fetal ZIKV transmission in utero as well as in infants against ZIKV infection after birth.

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