Custom SpikeTides™ Reference Peptides

SpikeTides™ are the inexpensive and reliable source of custom stable-isotope-labeled peptides (SIL peptides, heavy peptides). SpikeTides™ are also available unlabeled peptides (e.g. proteotypic peptides) for relative protein quantification by mass spectrometry-based assays in targeted proteomics.
  • Custom reference peptides e.g. proteotypic peptides
  • For targeted proteomics (protein detection and protein quantification by mass spectrometry)
  • Inexpensive & fast
  • Light or stable-isotope-labeled peptides (SIL peptides)
  • Modifications such as PTMs & cysteine carbamidomethylation
  • SIL peptides contain a heavy arginine or heavy lysine
  • For absolute quantified reference peptides please check SpikeTides™ TQL
Also available:

1. SpikeTides™ - unlabeled peptides
SpikeTides™ are customized, inexpensive, proteotypic peptides.
  • Amount: 30 nmol/peptide
  • Purity: Unpurified
  • Length: 9-15 amino acids
  • C-terminal Arg/Lys
  • Application: Optimization and validation of multiplexed SRM assays
  • Minimum Order: 24 peptides
  • Pooling service available upon request

2. SpikeTides™ L – stable isotope labeled peptides
SpikeTides™_L are stable-isotope-labeled, proteotypic peptides.
  • Amount: 10 nmol/peptide
  • Purity: Unpurified
  • Length: 9-15 amino acids
  • C-terminal heavy arginine (U-13C6; U-15N4) or lysine (U-13C6; U-15N2)
  • Application: Development of SRM assays and relative quantification of proteins using a single product
  • Minimum Order: 24 peptides
  • Pooling service available upon request

3. Maxi SpikeTides™
Maxi SpikeTides™ are synthesized by standard resin-based custom peptide synthesis instead of high-throughput SPOT synthesis and can therefore be adjusted to your specifications.

Maxi SpikeTides™ enable:
  • Longer peptides
  • Larger amounts per peptide
  • Guaranteed purity for each peptide
  • No minimum order
  • Validated pooling service available
Please inquire for your Maxi SpikeTides™ via email!


Applications for Custom SpikeTides™ Reference Peptides

  • Development, optimization and validation of mass spectrometry-based proteomics assays
  • Relative quantification of proteins
  • Selection of proteotypic peptides with high mass spectrometry signal response
  • Identification of predominant peptide fragments specific for your proteotypic peptide
  • Development of kits to quantify entire proteomic pathways
  • Clinical monitoring of therapeutic intervention and disease status
  • Mass spectrometry based assays (SISCAPA, MRN, etc.)

Application Note:
SpikeTides™ - Proteotypic Peptides for Large-Scale MS-Based Proteomics
Schnatbaum (2011) Full Text


Benefits of Custom SpikeTides™ Reference Peptides

  • Unmatched turnaround times (10 000 peptides per week) and prices
  • Delivery in ready-to-use microtiter plates or vials
  • Aliquotation and mixing service available
  • Quantification of multiple proteins from a single sample
  • Multiplexed analysis of disease status and therapeutic success


Testimonials for Custom SpikeTides™ Reference Peptides

"At Cambridge University we have significantly benefited from a suite of SpikeTides™ from JPT which have been developed for use as organelle markers in Arabidopsis. Using these we have developed faster and more accurate methods, using SRM and PRM, for estimating organelle enrichment along linear density gradients. Results have been very instrumental in optimizing downstream methodologies, a process which has delivered improved resolution in ensuing datasets for lower costs than our original methods."
Harriet Parsons, PhD (Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, UK)

"At MSKCC, we have been using JPT for isotopically labeled peptide libraries for developing pathway- and genome-scale atlases for quantitation of cellular signaling. This has been invaluable for the Quantitative Cell Proteomics Atlas (QCPA), a research tool for precise and sensitivity quantitation of cellular signaling, as well as clinical diagnostic assays for medical use."
Alex Kentsis, MD, PhD (Memorial Sloan Kettering Institue, New York, USA)


References for Custom SpikeTides™ Reference Peptides

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