Cell Therapy & Immunotherapy

In order to meet requirements of both, individualized immunotherapeutic concepts and cellular therapy approaches requiring hundreds of peptides, JPT has established an enhanced peptide production environment that goes beyond ISO 9001:2015 regulations for more stringent product requirements. The resulting ISO PLUS and Clinical Grade Peptides and peptide pools can be applied in collaborations and contract research aiming for the development of new therapy and vaccine concepts targeting indications ranging from cancer and infectious diseases to autoimmune and allergies.

Project Examples

  • Development of individualized therapy concepts
  • Adoptive cell transfer
  • Dendritic cell-based therapies
  • Neo-epitope based peptide vaccination strategies

Our Capabilities

  • Traceability of workflows
  • Comprehensive analytical capabilities
  • Documentation acc. to regulations
  • Peptide selection and design

use of cell transfer pulsing

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