JPT’s key technology platforms are based on the Company’s strong and long-standing technological, chemical and biological background on the preparation and application of peptide-based services and research tools.

JPT has developed several unique approaches which address all phases of the vaccine development process including e.g. biomarker discovery, epitope profiling, peptide vaccine development, immune monitoring, and vaccine efficacy testing. In addition, the Company’s technology platforms create the basis for the accelerated discovery and application of new biomarkers for targeted proteomics, alternative immune therapies as well as molecular diagnostics. JPT’s technologies find widespread application in areas where peptide screening is needed. Typical examples are: screening for proteoptypic peptides, enzymatic activities (proteases, kinases, phosphatases, methyltransferases), or systematic optimization of peptide lead structures.

JPT’s proprietary key technologies are:

High throughput synthesis and screening technology for peptides & peptidomimetics for T-cell epitope and peptide lead discovery and characterization on proteome wide levels.

Proprietary technology platform for profiling the humoral response of various patient populations for biomarker discovery and immune monitoring.

Defined peptide pools spanning entire immunogenic proteins to correlate antigen specific T-cell responses with patients immune status (vaccine testing, immune monitoring after organ transplantations, validation of T-cell assays in clinical trials…).

Peptide libraries specifically designed for performance in T-cell assays and proteomic applications.

Low cost synthesis of unpurified tagged-peptides, unlabeled or labeled with stable isotopes (15N, 13C) high-throughput development of SRM/MTM assays and relative and absolute quantification of protein expression levels.

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