Mass Spectrometry-based Discovery

SpikeTides™ are synthetic proteotypic peptides with C-terminal arginine or lysine, designed to mimic tryptic fragments of proteins. SpikeTides™ peptides can be synthesized as unlabeled and unmodified proteotypic peptides as well as heavy peptides (with stable isotope labeled amino acids), with carbamoylated (alkylated) cysteines and post-translational modifications and, last but not least, as absolutely quantified peptide standards.

Due to the flexibility of our SpikeTides™ platform, SpikeTides™ proteotypic peptides are applicable to many standard assays such as SRM assays (selected reaction monitoring) and MRM assays (multiple reaction monitoring).

Applications for Mass Spectrometry-based Discovery

  • Optimization and validation of SRM assays
  • Relative and absolute quantification of proteins
  • Selection of best proteotypic peptides showing high mass spectrometry signal response
  • Find predominant peptide fragments specific for your proteotypic peptide to be used in MRM transition
  • Develop kits to quantify entire proteomic pathways

    Application Note:
    SpikeTides™ - Proteotypic Peptides for Large-scale MS-based Proteomics
    by K. schnatbaum

Benefits of Mass Spectrometry-based Discovery

  • Thousands of SpikeTides™ at unmatched turnaround times (10 000 peptides per week!)
  • SpikeTides™ absolute quantification approach is more robust and cost-effective than other peptide assays e.g. AAA
  • Fully compatible with downstream analyses like MS and HPLC
  • Chemical barcoding of complex SpikeTides™ mixtures within the JPT quantification tag possible

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Mass Spectrometry-based discovery

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