Bioinformatics, Cheminformatics, Molecular Modeling

JPT has a long standing and focused expertise to assist biomedical screening and peptide lead optimization programs with its comprehensive bioinformatic and cheminformatic capabilities. Statistical evaluation as well as visualization and presentation of complex data are performed using state of the art tools.
We offer this unique know-how and expertise as part of our services or in R&D collaborations.

Service Specifications

  • Detailed discussion of your project and definition of a suitable strategy based on scientific feasibility and experience
  • Receive project proposal on how our bioinformatics and cheminformatic expertise can support your project
  • Obtain detailed and comprehensive service reports


  • Design of peptide content for high-density peptide microarrays and complex peptide libraries
  • Design of peptide libraries based on biological pathways, literature data or complex database search strategies
  • Generation of homology models and use of available structural information for peptide selection
  • Optimization of hit and lead structures (affinity, physicochemical properties, ADME)
  • Prediction and modeling of data
  • Scaffold design for native-like presentation of peptides
  • Interpretation, management and integration of data
  • Visualization and presentation of complex data sets


  • Long-term track record in the discovery and development of peptides in drug discovery and diagnostic development
  • State-of-the-art prediction, data interpretation and data mining algorithms and software paired with chemical and biological know-how
  • Expertise available as a fee-for-service or in collaborative partnerships

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More references

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