Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomics

Discovery or shotgun proteomics usually targets the identification of large sets of proteins in complex samples. In targeted proteomics, high selectivity quantitative assays for lower numbers of proteins are developed, e.g. MRM assays. The significance of targeted proteomics is exemplified by the fact that it was selected as Nature Method of the Year 2012.

Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM), which is one of the most frequently used targeted proteomics approaches detects precursor and product ion pairs, furnishing assays for the detection and quantitation of proteins in biological samples spiked with proteotypic peptide standards.

JPT has been providing tools for targeted proteomics such as SpikeTides™ for years:

  • SpikeTides™ are cost-effective
  • They allow high-speed SRM assay and MRM assay development
  • For protein quantitation with almost unlimited coverage through entire proteomes
  • Thousands of proteotypic SpikeTides™ can be prepared at unmatched turnaround times (10 000 peptides per week)
  • Absolutely quantified SpikeTides™ (SpikeTides™ TQL) use a new approach for absolute quantification that is significantly more cost effective than using traditional AAA quantified standard peptides
  • SpikeTides™ also enable the monitoring of cellular regulation by incorporation of post-translational modifications
  • See the graphical overview on how SpikeTides™ are used in discovery and targeted proteomics. 

In addition, JPT offers complete proteomic studies in collaboration with its partners. Please feel free to discuss all aspects of your project with our experts.
Our Bioinformatics expertise allows for intelligent peptide library design that, in combination with our technologies, helps to solve complex problems in target discovery and validation as well as biomedical research.

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