JPT provides a multitude of innovative research tools to the proteomics community. Besides high-throughput chemical and analytical approaches to accelerate discovery of novel biomarkers from biological samples, JPT developed a new mass spectrometry-based peptide standard technique for absolute quantification of target proteins in clinical and targeted proteomics. Furthermore, JPT has a decade-long track record providing services and project expertise in the area of functional proteomics ranging from elucidation of protein-protein interactions and enzymatic activities to epigenetic regulation. 

Applications in Proteomics:

  • Target discovery and validation: we evaluate the effect of your target protein in biological networks
  • Biomarker discovery: we quantify hundreds of proteins, e.g. tumor associated antigens from patient blood samples in one experiment, and correlate the quantities and post-translational modification status with clinical data
  • Clinical monitoring: monitoring the effect of therapeutic intervention and disease status is vital to understand and describe the effects of applied drugs on target proteins; especially the parallel quantification of large numbers of relevant proteins will facilitate personalized medicine approaches, patient stratification and companion diagnostic development
  • Proteome wide quantification of proteins and protein modification states
  • Proteome wide characterization of enzymatic activities or enzyme families


  • Parallel identification and quantification of hundreds of proteins
  • Simultaneous determination of post-translational modification
  • Cost efficient multiplexed assay
  • Reliable high-throughput technique
  • High sensitivity

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