Immunotherapy & Vaccine Development as Contract Research

JPT Peptide Technologies possesses a variety of unique peptide based technologies allowing systematic and proteome spanning B- and T-cell biomarker discovery, immune monitoring and clinical development of immunotherapy and vaccines. Our tools and know-how are successfully used in various projects leading to novel approaches in indications such as cancer, infection, autoimmune disease and allergy.
In contrast to other approaches on the market, our technologies allow monitoring of individual epitope patterns as well as epitope spreading and address natural sequence diversity and post-translational modifications.

Why Use Peptides as Antigens?

  • Neo-epitopes enable personalized therapies
  • Peptides ensure robust epitope-resolved immune monitoring
  • Only peptides allow the study of B- and T-cell epitope spreading
  • Peptides can be synthesized in high purities
  • Peptides allow proteome-wide target identification
  • No expression needed, ADCF policy applicable
  • Sequence diversity and post-translational modifications can be addressed

Why Work with JPT?

  • We are the quality leader for peptides in immunotherapy
  • We develop unique technologies for discovery, therapy and immune monitoring
  • We understand your application • We have a long track record of successful projects and collaborations
  • Over 1000 peer reviewed papers with our products
  • We are ISO 9001:2015 certified

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Immunotherapy & Vaccines

Applications in Immunotherapy & Vaccine Development - Contract Research

  • Epitope discovery: JPT offers its technologies and expertise in discovery projects targeting specific B- and T-cell epitopes that can be used as markers for early diagnosis and progression of diseases as well as patient stratification. For the first time, high-throughput proteome spanning screening can be combined with high resolution epitope based profiling.
  • Development of immune monitoring tools: JPT applies its patented approaches and know-how to develop peptide based immune monitoring tools targeting specific antigens or antigen families. The combination of technological and bioinformatic know-how with profound expertise in assay development provides efficient access to epitope resolved profiling for cellular and humoral immune responses.
  • Assay development & sample profiling: JPT’s experienced scientists will work with you to develop the optimal screening strategy for your project. Seroprofiling assays and T cell assays are performed in JPT’s S2 laboratories using automatic incubation stations and trained staff assuring performance of robust and reproducible results. 

Benefits of Immunotherapy & Vaccine Development - Contract Research

  • Broad peptide technology portfolio for all development phases of immunotherapies and vaccines • Peptide platforms covering cellular and humoral immunity
  • Ultra-high content peptide library concepts for deep epitope and target discovery
  • GxP peptides for clinical applications
  • Chemical synthesis addresses sequence diversity and post-translational modifications
  • State of the art infrastructure allowing organic chemistry, sensitive production workflows (cleanroom) and assays including usage of infectious patient materials (S2 laboratories)
  • Comprehensive bioinformatics for peptide selection and design

Selected References for Immunotherapy & Vaccine Development – Contract Research

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