Humoral Immune Response

JPT offers a comprehensive workflow for systematic elucidation of different epitope patterns, epitope spreading and changes of B-cell immune responses against linear epitopes within an antigen, antigen family or entire proteome on the basis of its proprietary technologies such as  Peptide Microarray-based Profiling and Peptide ELISA.

  • Monitoring of epitope patterns in detail
  • Correlated to disease progression, therapeutic intervention or other clinical evidence
  • Investigation of samples at different time points allows characterization of time dependency to detect involvement of different phases of the humoral immune response
  • In contrast to conventional assays utilizing full length proteins, peptide based technologies provide high resolution information about the antibody repertoire down to distinct linear epitopes
  • Applicable for blood and other samples
  • JPT’s synthetic peptide arrays allow representation of sequence diversity and defined post translational modifications

JPT’s seroprofiling platform consists of three synergistic but independent modules as follows:
a) PepStar™ - High Content Peptide Microarrays for multiplexed biomarker discovery
b) PepStar™ - Multiwell Peptide Microarray for biomarker verification
c) Peptide ELISA for validation of detected biomarkers. The modules can be applied sequentially in milestone-driven biomarker discovery programs or individually in projects targeting the development of robust humoral immune monitoring tools in indications such as cancer, infectious and autoimmune disease as well as allergy.  

JPT’s modular seromarker profiling platform:

  1. Large numbers of peptides are tested against samples (serum, blood or antibodies) using high content peptide microarrays for Multiplexed Epitope Discovery.
  2. Hits are confirmed by Selective Antigen Profiling with up to thousands of serum samples applying multiwell peptide microarrays.
  3. Validation by flexible and robust Peptide ELISA confirms identified biomarkers. Results are transferred towards diagnostic assays.

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