Clinical Proteomics Peptides SpikeTides™_TQL PLUS

Our absolute quantified peptides SpikeTides™_TQL PLUS are used as internal references for protein quantification (protein quantitation) in clinical proteomics. They are quantified with our proprietary QTag before delivery. Additionally you can perform an up-to-date peptide quantitation immediately before your experiment for clinical applications.

JPT's Absolute Quantified Peptides (AQUA Peptides) for Clinical Proteomics

Our proprietary absolute peptide quantification (peptide quantitation) method overcomes the limitations of traditional methods such as limited accuracy and high costs:
  • JPT’s QTag is a small chemical tag attached to the peptide
  • QTag is released by trypsin and does not interfere with measurements
  • Peptide quantification via HPLC-UV or HPLC-MS and UV
  • Robust, reproducible & accurate method (variation CV= 5%)
  • Validated in numerous peer-reviewed papers
  • Lower cost than traditional methods
  • Peptide quantitation immediately before your experiment possible

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Comparison of Absolute Quantified Peptides (AQUA Peptides)

            SpikeTidesTM_TQL  SpikeTidesTM_TQL PLUS
Quantification by HPLC-UV  X X
Quantification by end-user

Amount  5 x 1nmol 5 x 10nmol
Isotopical purity  99% 99%
Incoming material inspection  X X
Vendor qualification  X X
Batch documentation & CoA  X X
Optional: certified vials   X
Optional: additional QC methods   X

Select your AQUA Peptides for Clinical Proteomics

1. SpikeTides™_TQL PLUS
SpikeTides™_TQL PLUS are heavy labeled, absolute quantified, proteotypic peptides with a C-terminal QTag that is cleaved by tryptic digestion.
  • Amount: 10 x 1 nmol/target peptide
  • Purity: Purified
  • Application: Absolute protein quantification in clinical applications
  • Peptide quantitation immediately before your experiment possible
  • Validated pooling service available

2. Maxi SpikeTides_TQL PLUS
Maxi SpikeTides™ Maxi SpikeTides™_TQL PLUS enable:
  • Longer peptides
  • Larger amount per peptide
  • Guaranteed purity for each peptide
  • Classical AAA quantification of peptides
  • Validated pooling service available
Please inquire for your Maxi SpikeTides™ via email!


Applications for Clinical Proteomics Peptides SpikeTides™_TQL PLUS

  • Yields accurate and efficient mass spectrometric protein quantitation
  • Identifies predominant peptide fragments specific for protein biomarkers
  • Detects gene silencing at protein level

Application Notes for Proteomics Peptides

SpikeTides™ for Subcellular Marker Proteins offer Improved Analysis of Complex Plant Samples
Hooper et al. (2017) Full Text
Absolute Quantification of Metabolic Enzymes via Targeted Proteomics using a New Kit of SpikeTides™ Peptides
Bindel et al. (2015) Full Text


Benefits of Clinical Proteomics Peptides SpikeTides™_TQL PLUS

  • Nondestructive quantification method
  • Re-quantification at your laboratory possible
  • HPLC-purified peptides
  • Enables monitoring of peptide stability, precipitation and adhesion
  • Absolute and direct quantitation
  • SpikeTides™ TQL approach is robust and cost effective
  • Fully compatible with downstream analyses like MS and HPLC
  • Enables chemical barcoding of complex SpikeTides™ mixtures within the QTag


Testimonials for Clinical Proteomics Peptides SpikeTides™_TQL PLUS

"My unit at the Banting and Best Department of Medical Research, University of Toronto Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research (CCBR) works on the systematic identification and quantification of proteins and protein complexes on a global level. In addition we have started to perform targeted proteomics to study protein regulation within pathways, e.g. signaling pathways during stem cell fate decision. For this we used JPT's various SpikeTides™ peptide products to build LC-MRM assays in a fast and cost efficient manner. More recently we also found new ways of using low cost SpikeTides™ as quantitative peptide standards in order to quantify protein targets more accurately. We are currently in the process of validating this technology for the accurate quantification of various predicted microRNA targets."
Prof. Andrew Emili (Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research, University of Toronto, Canada)

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