Omicron - B.1.1.529 (BA.4/5)

WHO Designation
Variant of Concern

Reference publication

Sequence used for library generation
EPI_ISL_12688263 (Gisaid accession ID)

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PepMix SARS-CoV-2 (Spike B.1.1.529 / BA.4/5 / Omicron) : Entire Spike Protein
PepMix SARS-CoV-2 (S-RBD B.1.1.529 / BA.4/5 / Omicron) : Spike Receptor Binding Domain

Further Omicron related products 
See Omicron BA.1 & BA.2

T0019I, L0024-, P0025-, P0026-, A0027S, H0069-, V0070-, G0142D, V0213G, G0339D, S0371F, S0373P, S0375F, T0376A, D0405N, R0408S, K0417N, N0440K, L0452R, S0477N, T0478K, E0484A, F0486V, Q0498R, N0501Y, Y0505H, D0614G, H0655Y, N0679K, P0681H, N0764K, D0796Y, Q0954H, N0969K

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