Omicron - B.1.1.529 (BA.1)

WHO Designation
Variant of Concern

Reference publication

Sequence used for library generation
EPI_ISL_6752027 (Gisaid accession ID)

JPT’s products
PepMix™ SARS-CoV-2 (S-RBD B.1.1.529 / Omicron) : Spike receptor binding domain

A0067V; H0069del; V0070del; T0095I; G0142D; V0143del; Y0144del; Y0145del; N0211I*; L0212V*; V0213R*; R0214EPE*; G0339D; S0371L; S0373P; S0375F; K0417N; N0440K; G0446S; S0477N; T0478K; E0484A; Q0493R; G0496S; Q0498R; N0501Y; Y0505H; T0547K; D0614G; H0655Y; N0679K; P0681H; N0764K; D0796Y; N0856K; Q0954H; N0969K; L0981F;
* also annotated as N0211del, L0212I, ins0214EPE

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