Beta - B.1.351

WHO Designation
Variant of Concern

Alternative names
501Y.V2 variant, 20H/501Y.V2, 20C/501Y.V2, B.1.351 lineage, South African variant, Beta

First publication
Tegally et al, MedRxiv (December 2020)

Reference sequences given in literature
Most frequent sequence from publication above

Sequence used for library generation
EPI_ISL_700428 (Gisaid accession ID)

JPT’s products
PepMix™ SARS-CoV-2 (S-RBD B.1.351 / Beta) : Spike receptor binding domain

Mutations in spike glycoprotein
D0080A, D0215G, L0242-, A0243-, L0244-, K0417N, E0484K, N0501Y, D0614G, A0701V
This variant is annotated in the GISAID database 2008 times. An additional variant with the L18F mutation is described 1769 times. (June 13, 2021)

The mutational frequency in 190 sequences from the original paper is shown here.

The R246I mutation is found mainly in sequences with long undefined stretches and does therefore not cluster. Since it is a minor mutation we did not consider it.

Overview of Spike Mutations per Variant

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