Alpha - B.1.1.7

WHO Designation
Variant of Concern 202012/01, abbreviated VOC-202012/01 (also known as 20I/501Y.V1)

Alternative names
Lineage B.1.1.7, UK variant, British variant, Kent variant, Alpha

First publication
Chand et al, Public Health England (December 2020)

Reference sequences given in literature

Sequence used for library generation
EPI_ISL_601443 (Gisaid accession ID)

JPT’s products
PepMix™ SARS-CoV-2 (S-RBD B.1.1.7 / Alpha) : Spike receptor binding domain

H0069-; V0070-; Y0144-; N0501Y; A0570D; D0614G; P0681H; T0716I; S0982A; D1118H
These mutations characterize approx. 86.8 % of all sequences in the B.1.1.7 lineage.

Variants pertaining to Alpha may include these additional mutations:
L0005F, V0006A, S0012F, L0018F, T0020I, R0021T, T0022I, H0049Y, A0067S, A0067V, S0071F, T0076I, P0082L, S0094F, T0095I, E0096D, S0098F, R0102I, D0138H, V0143F, H0146Q, S0151G, W0152R, L0176F, E0180G, R0214L, D0215Y, L0216F, S0221L, A0222V, H0245Y, S0255F, G0261A, A0262-, D0287G, V0289I, T0299I, T0307I, V0308L, T0323I, N0354D, N0394Y, A0475V, E0484K, S0494P, T0572I, A0575S, E0583D, V0622F, A0623S, A0626T, S0640F, Q0675H, Q0677H, T0678I, S0680F, P0681R, A0688V, A0701V, A0706V, T0732I, M0740V, R0765C, P0812S, I0818V, A0831V, K0835R, A0879V, A0892V, I0909V, L0938F, S0939F, G0946V, A1020V, V1129I, E1188D, K1191N, I1227M, V1228L, M1237I, C1243F, P1263L

Overview of Spike Mutations per Variant

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