Visit the Whole Wide World of Peptide Pools

Published on 18/01/2023

JPT has developed hundreds of innovative peptide products for addressing both humoral and cellular immunity. 

One of our most popular products to measure cellular immune response are our PepMix Peptide Pools applicable for a wide range of applications from immune monitoring to adoptive cell therapy. 

Based on the success of these protein-spanning overlapping peptide pools, we added a variety of additional peptide pools formats and specifications to address the specific needs of different assay formats and applications. 

Discover our bouquet of different peptide pool formats: 

  • PepMix & PepMix Collections: protein-spanning peptide pools 
  • SpotMix Antigen Discovery Pools: high throughput & low cost peptide pools
  • EMPS: smart epitope mapping peptide sets
  • PepMix Pan Select: whole pathogen-spanning peptide pools
  • ULTRA Pools: peptide pools adressing protein sequence diversity
  • PepSup Cell Activation Kit: a simple, ready-to-use T-cell stimulation assay
  • Control Pools: ubiquitous controls for cellular assays

What are the differences between our peptide pool formats and which one is the best for your application? Let us introduce you to our whole wide world of PepMix and answer all the questions you may have!   

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