The Fast & the Functional - High Throughput Custom Peptide Formats

Published on 02/01/2023

State-of-the-art-screening, discovery and monitoring assays for many biomedical areas such as proteomics, immunology and drug discovery require large numbers of peptides at small scale, low cost, and in a variety of delivery formats. 

JPT has developed a proprietary ultra high throughput peptide synthesis platform (SPOT) that keeps pace with the changing requirements of personalized therapy approaches as well as deep, even pathogen-covering screening assays. 

Compared to our many other custom synthesis formats, the SPOT peptide synthesis technology provides a variety of advantages. 

Benefits of JPT’s SPOT peptides 

  • Large numbers of custom peptides at small scale & unmatched pricing
  • Many modifications (e.g. PTM's), labels (e.g. biotin), building blocks 
  • Ready to use delivery formats: microplates, microarrays, peptide pools and more 

JPT’s High-throughput Peptide Products 

SpotMix Antigen Discovery Pools 

  • Broad antigen target discovery 
  • T-cell epitope discovery 
  • Biological screening 
  • Neo-epitope based immune monitoring 

PepSpot Peptides on Cellulose 

  • Antibody epitope mapping 
  • Protein-protein interaction studies 
  • Functional characterization of mapped epitopes 
  • Characterization of protein-protein contact sites 

PepStar Peptide Microarrays 

  • Biomarker discovery 
  • Humoral immune monitoring 
  • (Multiplexed) antibody epitope mapping 
  • Detection & validation of protein interactions 

PepTrack Fast Track Peptide Libraries 

  • T cell epitope identification & mapping 
  • Optimization of lead structures 
  • High throughput peptide screening 

BioTides Biotinylated Peptides 

  • High throughput binding assasys (e.g., as ELISA, SPR, Luminex) 
  • Peptide microarray manufacturing 
  • Affinity purification 

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