RSV Peptide Pools & Arrays

Published on 13/12/2022

The recent surge of RSV cases in babies and children, leading to high hospitalization rates, in combination with a high number of cases of influenza and COVID-19, is pushing healthcare systems to a breaking point. 
Therefore, it is urgent to search for treatments and better vaccines. Currently, there are no treatments for RSV infection and no active vaccines for children. Passive immunization is reserved for very young babies or children with severe conditions such as lung transplants. 

Our peptide products can help to facilitate research and develop these much-needed medications. Have a look at our RSV-specific products:  

Additionally, our R&D Team is currently working on a new virus-specific PepMix Pan-RSV Select that will be available early in 2023. PepMix Pan Select Pools combine important immune dominant epitopes of an organism in a single peptide pool allowing you to induce strong immune responses in your assay. 

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