PROCAL - a new RT Standardization Kit for LC-MS based Proteomics

Published on 02/06/2021

We are happy to introduce our new Retention Time Standardization Kit (PROCAL)!
Together with our partners from TU Munich, we developed PROCAL (ProteomeTools Calibration Standard) for:
  • Accurate determination of retention time indices
  • Monitoring of chromatographic separation performance over time
  • Calibration of collision energies between mass spectrometers
  • The transfer of methods between laboratories

Benefits of Retention Time Standardization Kit (PROCAL):

  • 40 synthetic, non-naturally occurring peptides
  • Broader LC gradient coverage than other products
  • Very stable retention time in multiple injections
  • Similar intensities of all peptides

Read our recent publication on PROCAL and an independent review on News in Proteomics Research!
Please have a look at further products to control proteomics assay robustness such as our CAMCheck Kit and TrypCheck Kit.

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