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NEW PepMix Peptide Pools: Lassa, Chikungunya, Rabies and more!

Published on 02/07/2024

As a result of the climate crisis, many neglected tropical diseases are moving northward due to higher temperatures and the subsequent spread of animal reservoirs. Meanwhile, zoonotic diseases endemic to the northern hemisphere, such as deadly rabies infections, are on the rise worldwide. We remain vigilant! The development of effective vaccines, drugs and diagnostics is essential to reduce and prevent the diseases’ adverse effects. 

Monitor immune responses with JPT’s PepMix peptide pools and discover or map immune-dominant epitopes. Our peptide pools cover many applications, and represent common viral, bacterial or parasitic antigen sequences. We are now expanding our portfolio of infectious antigen pools with the launch of 

New PepMix Peptide Pools: 

Explore all of JPT’s peptide tools for tropical diseases and other infections on our website. 

In addition to our ever-growing catalog, we offer the widest variety of customizable peptide formats, including Custom PepMix Peptide PoolsPeptide MicroarraysPeptide LibrariesPeptide ELISA and many more. Do not hesitate to reach out to our customer support team for more information.

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