NEW: PepMix Pools covering Conserved & Saisonal Influenza A & B Antigens

Published on 28/09/2022

The northern hemisphere is entering its cooler months, and monitoring saisonal Influenza infections while developing effective vaccines is imperative to combating the disease. As the leading peptide tool manufacturer for Influenza A & B antigens, we seek out to match this demand by continuously updating our catalog. Based on recommendations, we added selected PepMix peptide pools covering antigens for hemagglutinin (HA) of the following Influenza A & B strains:

Moreover, – for the purpose of immune monitoring – we offer two PepMix Ultra, consisting of peptides which cover multiple conserved immunogenic antigen sequences throughout the membrane (M1) protein of virulent Influenza A & B strains at once: 

Beyond the new additions, our extensive 
PepMix catalog covers antigens of many virulent strains (e.g. Influenza A California/H1N1 or Influenza A Puerto Rico/1934/H1N1) that include but are not limited to antigens for HA, M1, M2, neuroaminidase (NA), and nucleoprotein (NP). 
We also provide other peptide formats, such as Influenza-related single antigen peptides, or PepStar Microarrays for humoral immune monitoring. We also recommend tailoring your peptides tools according to your needs with our extensive custom peptide options. 

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