NEW Cell Activation Kit: PepSup™

Published on 08/06/2021

PepSup™ will bring your cellular assays to the next level of standardization and reproducibility!
PepSup™ is designed to produce short-term culture supernatants for analysis of cytokines or other mediators of interest.

  • High degree of standardization and hence reproducibility of cellular assays
  • Well-suited for longitudinal monitoring
  • Applicable for whole blood or other cell suspensions
  • Monitor antigen-specific, stimulation-induced mediator secretion
  • Get your PepSup™ from any PepMix™ Peptide Pool or Antigen Peptide

JPT’s PepSup™ Cell Activation Kit complements our peptide products for T cell stimulation in various applications such as PepMix™ Peptide Pools, SpotMix™ Antigen Discovery Pools and Clinical Grade Peptides & Pools.

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