Meet us at SITC, SFI-AFC, and Vaccines Europe!

Published on 27/10/2022

Conference season is still in full swing, and we hereby want to remind you of more upcoming events we are attending in North America and Europe.  

As a leading manufacturer of peptides, JPT distinguishes itself in providing high-quality peptides formatted specifically to your needs. Our custom synthesis options range from cost-effective high-throughput peptide tools e.g. for epitope mapping, to rigorously crafted clinical use peptides e.g. for immune monitoring. Moreover, decades of experience and technical expertise have led to the creation of a large catalog for off-the-shelf products that allow for a large variety of applications.

Please feel free contact us directly to set-up a face-to-face meetings as we will be present throughout the entire conference or visit our Booth to discuss your work! 

  1. SITC 2022 : The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer's (SITC) 37th Annual Meeting
    November 8 - 12, Boston, USA
    Representatives : Aaron Castro, PhD & Aude-Marie Alem, MS (Booth 306)

  2. SFI-AFC : Société Française d'Immunologie & Association Française de Cytométrie
    November 22 - 24, Nice, France
    Representatives : Dr. Michael Drosch & Gregory Hansen, PhD (Booth 82)

  3. Vaccines Europe : Meeting place for experts working within cutting-edge Vaccine Research & Development via Oxford Global
    November 29 - 30, Berlin, Germany
    Representatives : Dr. Michael Drosch & Gregory Hansen, PhD

Aaron Castro, PhD
Director, Business Development (North America)
T +1-888-578-2660

Aude-Marie Alem, MS
Manager, Business Development (North America)
T +1-888-578-2660

Dr. Michael Drosch
Manager, Business Development (Europe)
T +49-30-6392-7830

Gregory Hansen, PhD
Specialist, Business Development (Europe)
T +49-30-32298-07632

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