Let me introduce myself!

Published on 17/05/2023

Are you interested in learning more about the people at JPT? Let us match faces to the anonymous email addresses and phone numbers! Over the next couple of months, we will introduce you to our technical support and business development team. Today, we are continuing the series with our colleague Grégory Hansen, who has joined JPT's European Business Development Team in October. As he is half-French half-Danish, he covers the French-speaking part of Europe and Scandinavia. 

I am Gregory Hansen and was born and raised in France, in the region around Paris. I studied biochemistry, immunology and nanotechnology and completed my PhD on cell-free expression systems and production of proteoliposomes. Afterwards, I transitioned to the biotechnology instrumentation industry as a scientific support specialist. 

What is your highlight of 2022? 

I joined JPT and I am really thrilled about it! 

What makes a conference a good experience for you? 

A good poster session where you can freely exchange ideas with attendees and ask questions about their work. Timing is of the essence, as sometimes conferences are packed with talks and there is not so much room for networking. 

Which current research developments and innovations fascinate you? 

I try to follow the flow of news in various fields, from physics to biology, and - fun fact - many new trends are interdisciplinary. If I had to choose a cool and techy field, I would say tissue engineering and 3D printing/3D culture. This really brings back memories from the movie the Fifth Element. 

Describe your communication style in 3 words. 

Timing / respectful / to-the-point :)

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