Get to Know the People at JPT!

Published on 10/03/2023

Are you interested in learning more about the people at JPT?

Let us match faces to the anonymous email adresses and phone numbers! Over the next couple of months, we will introduce you to the our technical support and business development team members. Today, we are starting with our collegue Dr. Michael Drosch, head of JPT's European Business Development Team:

"Hi. I am Michael. I was raised in Frankfurt, Germany. Since 15 years, I am living in Berlin where I have been finalizing my PhD in molecular oncology and working in oncological research at different pharma companies and startups.

In 2017, I joined JPT and with it, transitioned out of the lab space in to the business development and management area. Now, I am leading the European Business Development Team at JPT.

I appreciate the fact of still being very involved in the scientific discourse whilst liaising with scientists, customers and partners, and having an impact on product development. For me a big plus is that my activities take me to visit many interesting cities and to meet interesting people throughout Europe.

My team is here to support you in the different steps of your project. We speak German, English and French. "

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