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Published on 18/04/2023

Immune monitoring is essential to determine immune responses against tumor-associated antigens and viral or bacterial antigens and their possible correlation with clinical outcome and the efficacy of treatments or vaccination. Immune monitoring is also the basis for developing personalized treatments against cancer (e.g. using neo-epitopes). Depending on the clinical application, humoral or cellular parameters can be monitored. 

Precision, robustness and reproducible results greatly depend on the selection of an appropriate and reliable antigen source. The quality of the stimulating antigen is crucial for the success of such studies. Therefore, antigens that can undergo stringent quality measures are preferred in many pre-clinical and clinical studies. 

Peptides are Better Antigens because: 

  • Peptides and pools mimic protein antigens or epitopes
  • Peptides can be synthesized with high purity, low bioburden and sterile
  • High batch-to-batch reproducibility
  • No antigen expression needed, avoiding bacterial contamination
  • ADCF policy applicable
  • ISO 9001 quality certified or higher 

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