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Published on 12/06/2024

We are the Peptide Experts and offer tailored peptide synthesis for any application! As pioneers in peptide synthesis, we have produced millions of custom peptides over the past 20 years. Our patented technologies in peptide libraries, pools, and microarrays have pushed the boundaries of peptide synthesis. Our synthesis capabilities allow us to offer not only a wide variety of custom formats, but also many specifications for different applications, at cost-effective prices.

Discover JPT’s 

Large Scale Peptide Synthesis! 

JPT Peptide Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 certified innovative service provider and research & development partner. Starting at 1g upwards, JPT offers a variety of benefits for large orders including a myriad of peptide modifications for all research uses, an extensive range of QCs and automated compound management. Contact our experienced scientists to discuss your project requirements and get started. 

  • Quantity per peptide: > 1g 
  • Sequence: 2 to 50 amino acids in routine 
  • Endless modifications possible: isotope labeling, fluorescent labeling, non-natural amino acids, biotinylation, phosphorylation, acetylation, cyclization, amino acid modifications, macrocyclization, DOTA (check all available peptide modifications
  • Variety in Formats: individual peptidespeptide pools (discover PepMix), peptide libraries , microplates, customizable tubes to your specific needs 
  • Quality grade adapted to: research, GLP, clinical 
  • Purity: different purities available from crude to >95%
  • Options: counterion exchange, NPC determination, stability tests, solubility tests 

Why Choose JPT's Peptide Synthesis Services? 
  • Exemplary Standards: ISO 9001 certified, with annual audits to guarantee highest quality 
  • High Quality Manufacturing: Our peptide labs in Germany are dedicated to your projects 
  • Global Support: With offices in the USA and Germany our expert scientists are always ready to assist 
  • Decades of Excellence: 20 years of specialized peptide synthesis experience 
  • Our Commitment: We adhere to the highest environmental, health, and ethical standards 
  • Advanced Technology: Benefit from our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled peptide synthesis team 
  • Proudly Part of BioNTech: Since 2009, we have been an integral part of the BioNTech family, synonymous with innovation and quality 

Your research deserves the best. Let’s discuss how our 
custom peptide synthesis options can enhance your research projects. Our support teams are eager to guide you towards the optimal specifications for your requirements! 
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