13 NEW Standardization Kits for MS based Neo-epitope Identification

Published on 25/05/2021

Do you have these Mass Spec problems?
Even though Mass Spec has come a long way, epitope peptides eluted form HLA ligand complexes are scarce, non-trypic and short. Therefore, they produce fewer fragment ions compared to longer tryptic peptides.

As a result, it is difficult to assign fragmentation patterns to such peptide sequences. In fact, studies show that, using standard analytical methods, more than 10% of assigned spectra do not agree with the correct synthetic reference.

Furthermore, protocols for peptide elution from HLA ligand complexes are complicated and often defy lab to lab standardization.

The answer to these problems are reference peptides that can help users to control and monitor immunopeptidomics workflows.

JPT Solutions:

  •     MHC I binding HLA peptides identified in a wide range of immunopeptidomic studies
  •     Heavy labeled for spiking into samples
  •     High tissue coverage
  •     HLA allele specific or cross allele kit to precisely address each sample
  •     Control immunopeptidomic workflows, mass spec & software
  •     Increased accuracy of neo-epitope identification

  •     Customized peptide libraries for immunopeptidomics
  •     References for MHC I or MHC II binding HLA peptides
  •     Increased accuracy of neo-epitope identification

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