Protease Substrate Sets

JPT Peptide Technologies’ Protease Substrate Sets are ready-to-use tools to study protease activity and substrate specificity. The Protease Substrate Sets are comprised of internally quenched (Dabcyl/EDANS) peptides derived from proteolytic cleavage sites (from P4 to P4’position). The purified and lyophilized peptides come in a 384-well microtiter plate (75 pmol/well). Subsequent to incubation with target protease, the evolving fluorescence can be measured using standard fluorescence plate reader systems.
Two sets are available:

- Protease Substrate Set (360 peptides, sequences and microtiter plate layout)
- Caspase Substrate Set (4 x 88 peptides, sequences and microtiter plate layout)


Please also check our custom peptide synthesis for individual protease substrate peptides and tailored protease substrate sets!

Applications for Protease Substrate Sets

  • Identification of protease substrates and cleavage sites
  • Profiling of protease substrate specificities
  • Determination of contaminating proteases
  • Examination of protease inhibitors

Benefits of Protease Substrate Sets

  • Screen 360 protease substrates efficiently (2520 potential cleavage sites)
  • Screen 88 caspase substrates derived from human cleavage sites efficiently
  • Save time for HTS-Assay development
  • Learn more about the biology of your protease
  • Identification of potential in vivo substrates
  • Determine kinetic constants

Testimonials for Protease Substrate Sets

“For several years, my group at the Tumor Biology Center has been using JPT’s Protease Profiling Tools for analyzing the substrate specificity of tumor-associated proteases as well as for identifying cancer specific protease patterns.”
Dr. Felix Kratz (Clinic for Tumor Biology, Freiburg, Germany)

"Our research relies heavily on developing robust high-throughput screens with fluorescent peptides.  We have found that JPT’s are the best on the market because the signal-to-noise ratio is very high, providing the sensitivity we need for the screens. Their peptides always perform well. In addition, the knowledge, wonderful customer support, and fast turnaround time provided by JPT have been invaluable in helping us develop the best peptides for our assays."
Professor Carla Koehler, PhD (UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Selected References for Protease Substrate Sets

Proteolytic Cleavage of Covalently Linked Cell Wall Proteins by Candida Albicans Sap9 and Sap10
Schild et al., Eukaryot. Cell (2010) - PMID: 21097664

Protease Substrate Sets : Enzyme Profiling

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