Phosphatase Substrate Sets

JPT Peptide Technologies offers an efficient way to study phosphatase activity and substrate specificity. Our Phosphatase Substrate Sets each include a 384-well microtiter plate containing 360 phospho peptides as phosphatase substrates (250 pmol per well) derived from human phosphorylation sites, together with 10 calibration standards. The assay procedure is easy to perform: Subsequent to incubation with target phosphatase, the released phosphate ions can be detected by phosphate-binding dyes like molybdate or malachite green to identify positive phosphatase substrates.

- Phosphatase Substrate Set (sequence information and microtiter plate layout)

- Tyrosine Phosphatase Substrate Set (sequence information and microtiter plate layout)


Please also check our custom peptide synthesis for individual phosphatase substrate peptides and tailored phosphatase substrate sets!

Applications for Phosphatase Substrate Sets

  • Identification of phosphatase substrates
  • Determination of phosphatase consensus sequences
  • Identification of potential in vivo substrates/downstream targets
  • Elucidation of signal transduction pathways
  • Reliable identification of contaminating phosphatases

Benefits of Phosphatase Substrate Sets

  • Screen 360 potential phosphatase substrates economically
  • Save time for HTS-Assay development
  • Learn more about the biology of your phosphatase

Selected References for Phosphatase Substrate Sets:

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More references under JPT Publications/Literature

Phosphatase Substrate Sets

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Please inquire for customized Phosphatase Substrate Sets in microtiter plates tailor-made to your order.

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